• 62 North Main Street
  • Memphis, TN, 38103
  • United States

In response to the recent news of the concentration camps in Chechnya for men who are sexual minorities, there will be a march from the Court Square Center to the field in front of the the National Civil Rights Museum.

The format of this march is intersected from many influences. From the political gay pride marches of the 1970s and 80s to the March for Solidarity that happened in Memphis last November.

It's incredibly important to start this discussion. The news has been swept under the rug in our country, and the last time the U.S. ignored the creation of concentration camps happened the worst part of human history ensued. 

Russia is claiming that they have no part in the camps and that Chechnya is an independent nation, which is true. (But we all know that Chechnya is totally controlled by Russia.) 

The goal of this march is to show support and solidarity for those in Chechnya and Russia, but even more important would be getting donations for the Russian LGBT Network, who is currently the only organization who is working on getting gay men out of these hate states. (https://www.lgbtnet.org/en/endonate)

We also must pressure the federal administration into making a solid and public response to these crimes against humanity. It's important to remember that an issue that affects one minorities state of being affects all others. Gay men being persecuted for their feminity ties back to women's oppression which ties back to gender oppression which ties back to women's oppression which ties to the long chain of oppressed populations throughout history.

There is an effort to make this an international event and it seems that at least 7 other cities are currently in the process of organizing a march at a synchronized time.

Once at the field, there will be 3 special guest speakers who will share their words of wisdom and courage, and then an open megaphone stage for any who wish to share their story and thoughts.

All who attend are welcome to free Putin Buttons! And don't forget to use the #PutinIsADrag to show your support in these troubling times. See you there!


Update #2: After a meeting with SURJ, we are grateful to announce their involvement in the march! They're involvement in supporting the march as marshalls are very much appreciated and important, thank's yall!

Update #3: Just a friendly reminder that this is a family-friendly event that is meant to bring awareness and solidarity to crimes against humanity. This march is modeled after Dr. King's Six Steps for Non-Violent Direct Action, and it's important to remember what that means in the support of this movement. Thanks!