• Pipkin Building (map)
  • 940 Early Maxwell Boulevard
  • Memphis, TN, 38104
  • United States

Adults of all genders aged 18 and over: Memphis Roller Derby wants you to play with us, and we'll teach you how! Our 6-week training program will take you from no skating experience to blocking as part of a strong wall or jamming through it.

Thursday, January 26: Free info session, Q&A, sign waivers. Bring your skates if you have them! We're still working out our plans for the rest of the boot camp, so keep an eye on this spot for more details.

Now also recruiting skaters for upcoming men's team.

We teach you how to get in shape, how to skate, how to hit and be hit, rules and strategy. $25 fee covers all 6 weeks of training.

We will have some loaner gear and skates, but the sizes and availability are limited. If you are sure you want to play and want to buy your skates and gear now, check out our recommendations: