• Shelby County Courthouse (map)
  • 140 Adams Avenue
  • Memphis, TN, 38103
  • United States

In coordination with the National Women's March on Washington, a local Memphis March will be held beginning at the Courthouse and continuing down Second Street. It will end with a rally at the National Civil Rights Museum, pending approval and permits. Please watch this space for important updates as this event continues to take shape.


Updated: 1/20/2017

WHO: You!
WHAT: The Memphis Women's March!
WHEN: Saturday, January 21 @ 10am (arrive by 9:30-9:45!)
WHERE: Starting point -- Judge D'Army Bailey Shelby County Courthouse at 2nd & Adams
Ending point -- National Civil Rights Museum
WHY: Because women's rights are human rights!
HOW: By foot! Put those walkin' shoes on! (The route is approximately 1 mile long.)
WHAT'S ALLOWED: Signs! (Minus profanity & obscenities, pretty please.) Your organization's banner! People of every color, shape, size, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic status, religion (or lack thereof), citizenship, gender orientation, and ability level! (If I let something out, assume it's included, because it is! I am just very, very sleep-deprived at the moment.) Children! (This is a family-friendly march!) Hand drums! (Because why not??) Singing! (But not by me, because you don't wanna hear this girl sing!) Pussy hats! (But let's leave "pussy" off of signs -- "vagina" and "hoo ha" are fine. Parents: Be ready to explain to your kids what a hoo ha is if asked.) Service animals! Strollers! Wheelchairs! Wagons!
WHAT'S NOT ALLOWED: Pets! (Please leave your pets at home. There's going to be a huge, loud crowd, and we don't want to stress them out or risk a beloved pet getting lost.) Your kid's scooter! (It's gonna be a huge crowd, and it's just not a good idea.) Parking at the National Civil Rights Museum! (That's reserved for paying museum visitors only. Google "downtown Memphis parking" for a complete list of all of the parking options downtown.)