• Gather at FJ Palmer Quad (map)

On Inauguration Day, January 20th, students at Rhodes College will join collegiate and high school campuses across the country in a student-led walkout in protest against policies under the Trump administration. We will walkout at 11:45 AM and gather at the FJ-Palmer Quad. From there we will march and join students from Christian Brothers University and the University of Memphis at Evergreen Church across the street.

As we are getting ready for an administration that infringes on basic human/civil rights, we, colleges students, are coming together to send a powerful message to the city and nation:
We will support and defend our communities. We will organize and demand policy change.
We will challenge this racist, sexist, classist, xenophobia, and transphobic Trump administration. 

"Our goal is to guarantee that Donald Trump will not be able to govern comfortably.”
Dr. Angela Davis, Memphis, 1/14/17