• Georgia State University (map)
  • 33 Gilmer St
  • Atlanta, GA
  • USA

Teach For America’s LGBTQ Community Initiative is rooted firmly in the belief that the movement for educational equity must come to the forefront of LGBTQ advocacy; we are committed to safety, fairness, and dignity for all students as a measure of the excellent education they deserve.

Started in 2014 at Little Rock, Arkansas' Philander Smith College and continued in 2015 at Georgia State University, the Deep South LGBTQ Education Summit seeks to bring together LGBTQ and Allied Corps Members, Alumni, Educators, Community Members and Partners, as well as Students from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds to build connections with each other and the broader LGBTQ community. The Deep South LGBTQ Education Summit will provide leadership development that pivots around intersectionality and educational equity.

Join us for an empowering experience as we explore both the challenges and opportunities of leading with an intersectional focus in this movement. Our hope is that you will return to your schools and communities feeling inspired to advocate for all students, educators, and families to receive the opportunities and protections they deserve.

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