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Relationship Unleashed Radio Show: Guests Virginia Awkward/Paige Hannah

Tune in to AM 990 for Special Guests Virginia Awkward and Paige Hannah. Virginia is an LGBT Memphis police officer who was featured on The Police Women of Memphis on TLC. Paige and Virginia were recently in an article in Southern Soul Magazine about Same-Sex relationships

About Relationship Unleashed

The purpose of Radio Relationship Unleashed is to provide a voice to the LGBTQ community and other ethno racial and marginalized communities residing in the City of Memphis. As such, Radio Relationship Unleashed will have a unique voice. While Radio Relationship Unleashed will have diverse programming and feature various types of relationship advice, AIDS/HIV awareness, news shows expert guests, spoken word and possibly music but a strong emphasis will be on; promoting healthy relationship advice, building self-esteem and awareness within the LGBTQ community.


Pictures Courtesy of Southern Soul Magazine, photography by Shamika Blocker and PH Photography.