• Crosstown Arts Gallery (map)
  • 422 N Cleveland St
  • Memphis, TN, 38104
  • United States

Kathy Barnes, Melissa Farris, Keiko Gonzalez, Richard Lou, Lester J. Merriweather, Haley Morris-Cafiero, John Q (Wesley Chenault, Andy Ditzler, and Joey Orr), Joel Parsons & Jeff Unthank

“you + me explores a range of relationships, from the intimate, personal one-on-one of lover, spouse, parent, friend to the broader aspects of relationships in the community surrounding race, gender, sexual orientation and our historic pasts. The real meat of a relationship is experienced in a personal way by individuals. you + me acknowledges the delicate balancing act of these relationships and the connections and disconnects that we form among ourselves and with the communities that surround us.” – Mary Jo Karimnia, Curator