• Water Tower Pavilion (map)
  • 2540 Broad Avenue
  • Memphis, TN, 38112
  • United States

The pitfalls of modern dating are universal – though they might feel just a little too personal. The Break-Up Show transforms the indignities of bad dates and breakup drama into the sort of comedy that may make you feel like it was worth the pain.

The Break-Up Show’s signature blend of comedy, performance, and heartbreak is back for its fourth year, with a live filming at Broad Avenue’s Water Tower Pavilion October 3rd, and a second weekend of encore shows at Studio 688 on the 9th and 10th.

Videos, dramatic recitations of text-message breakups, and onstage meltdowns are simply par for the course. The stories, while totally anonymous, are pulled ahead of time from the audience’s experiences.

The cast is:

  • Savannah Bearden
  • Bruce Bui
  • Jamie Hale
  • Dustin Holden
  • Brandon Sams