• Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community (map)
  • 892 Cooper St
  • Memphis, TN, 38104
  • United States

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From the Visibility Project Team:

The Visibility Project is a national community powered media arts project. 
We document stories and use photography to create impact and 
make the Queer AAPI Women and Trans* community visible.

This project is open to Queer Asian American Women, Gender non-conforming, and Trans people, and the definitions of this are broad: mixed-race asian, asian born/living in the US, south asian, southeast asian, pacific islanders, etc. If you are a gay/bi asian american cis male, or queer person of non Asian/Asian American descent, support by allyship, giving shout outs on social media, or whatever ways you’re excited about support.


The shoots take 1 hour and are a combination of photography and video. We’ll do the video first and I’ll leave time at the beginning to answer any questions. You’ll fill out a survey + model release prior to starting.


Wear colors and no logos, unless you really wanna rep that logo. A lot of folks have historically worn black, white, or grey, I’m trying to spice up the colors. BUT! If black/white/grey is what floats your boat, go for it.